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2022/Early 2023 Catch Up

I'm back! ...after realising that I haven't blogged about my Sweden trip or my Norway trip. If anything, I am quite disappointed in myself. Self loathe aside, I've managed to skip the worst of winter by being in Malaysia and now I've been back in the UK for three weeks - and I'm still trying to get back into living my best life. Can't really do that yet because I was jet lagged all of last week and have been ill most of this week. A  quick summary -  Sweden Spent most of my time with Jess and her family and I loved how welcoming they all were. Made me feel like home... made me want to grow up as a Swede. If I could, I'd like to go back to the moment where we had dinner, talked and sang all night at Jess' parents house. I need to go again soon. I went in the summer so I had a day trip at the beach. It was beautiful, the water was cold but the sun was out. I was in the water when I felt a bit warm and when it got cold, I laid in the sun. Life could not hav