Monday, February 22, 2016


The plan was to go on a picnic but everyone woke up around midday. Initially, we had food for the picnic but then the guys ate it all up. Ended up buying fast food from Medina and then headed to the Botanical Gardens where we ate and played something like dodge ball but not.

The weather was wonderful, it wasn't too cold and it only drizzled for a while. I enjoyed my weekend and I wish that every weekend would be as fun but you can't get everything that you wish for. I don't know whether it's just me but I feel as if my daily interactions with people really isn't enough. But last weekend made up for all of it. Therefore, thank you for coming, homies. Lets have more meet ups soon!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sheffield Malaysian Games 2016

Today was fun. So fun that I'm writing about it right before I end the day so I don't forget.

We headed to King Edward VII Lower School for SMG. I became a ball magnet. A basketball bounced off my head caused by a guy who sings really well! He even held out his hand to rub my head but then retracted it. (insert sad face) I then went around the venue where I saw a frozen Hannah and Azri who thought I came to support him. I proceeded to cheer for Sani because who is Azri again? It was in the football pitch that I was then hit in the shin with a football. Some time during the day, a ping pong ball just somehow decided to fly at me. 

As I was walking back to the main venue, Zubair called me from the court and I told him that I would meet him at the food place. Only problem was that his phone died so we ended up not being able to meet up at all! I had lunch with Fauzan and found a guy who seemed interested in SKY. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to attract him well enough, I got Syafiq to explain what SKY is to him. Quality over quantity. I also crossed path with my group mate from EYH but I was just too shy to tegur him. The regret is real. I met up with Nazhif as well who came to play football. His whole team was very very very very nice! As I was walking around the venue, I bumped into Fatimah and also saw this guy whom I met in London (Asyraf Said's friend) but I was also too shy to tegur him.

I had nasi kandar, 5 popias, a samosa and cendol. Nom nom nom. Cendol was so good. I would've bought 10 but it was £3 each. Caught up with Aiman who I haven't seen in ages! Went back home with Itik and hung out with him while finishing the food that everyone brought home with them. Had dinner at the other house... fried chicken and chips. Ubai was saying something about a university finding a cure for something. He was being very critical about it and that was when I realised how my thoughts are still immature. Fauzan then came (the guy clearly has too much time in his hands) and we hung out in the kitchen with Hannah and Amir. The guys in the living room were playing the "Bang bang bang, siapa mati?" game. I obviously had to go to the kitchen and get that thing going around. Ended up realising that the concept was different. Stayed til around 12.30am playing really random puzzles lead by Acap. It was annoyingly fun. 

(Favourite part of the day was actually when my KMKN homies and I hung out)

Tomorrow's plan is to go on a picnic. Hoping that it won't rain!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Baked Tuna Pasta

Have you ever written a post and then deleted it by accident? Because I just did. Part of me hates myself but I have a lot of time in my hands. At least, I'm convinced that I do. Whilst everybody here is studying, thinking, searching for inspiration on what to write in their essay and thesis. I'm here trying to recall the post that I deleted.

I usually wouldn't stay in the diamond for more than half a day (excluding the EYH week) but I got out of my house very early this morning for a tutorial class which I could've just gone for a bit a later. I managed to convince my lazy ass that the earlier I leave the house, the more productive I'll be. Summing up today, I can say that it's partly true. Instead of sleeping, I actually did my tutorial during tutorial which is an improvement. Plus, I also managed to not sleep during the day. 

Yesterday was Amir's birthday. We held a birthday party that wasn't very much like a birthday party. Nobody wanted to sing for Amir and it was pretty depressing. Headed to 'my other house' around 4 to cook up some baked tuna pasta. We ended up making two roasters of it. We then proceeded to hang out until 10, reminiscing our KMKN days. It was refreshing. I haven't lepak-ed with a group of people for a while and so, catching up with my homies was fun. 

To make the title of this post significant, I shall state how Hannah and I made the Baked Tuna Pasta.

Canned Tuna, Spaghetti Sauce, Pasta, Sriracha, Cheese, Eggs
Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the packet.
Heat and mix together the canned tuna, spaghetti sauce, sriracha and other seasonings to your taste.
Combine the pasta and the sauce together and keep on mixing it or something to cool it down.
Crack an egg or a few, according to how firm you'd like your baked pasta to be. The more you add, the firmer it'll be.
Top it up with cheese and bake it at gas mark 7 for 20 minutes or until it looks good enough to eat.
Hannah keeps on telling me that there's a ghost in my bedroom.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It feels as if 'Week 2' was just last week. It isn't, however. Where did Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, ..., Week n go? Because now I'm back in Week 2. Week 2 of my second semester here in the University of Sheffield. 

My first semester was amazingly crazy. I praised this place so much but in the end, I realised how much I miss being back in Malaysia. Maybe I was so used to how easy my life was. I had my family around me. I had a home to go back to every time I got tired of studying. I had car rides to just complain about life to my parents. I had home cooked food to indulge in when I felt like it. I was surrounded by love and attention. I had GEL to ensure that I'm always productive. 

But it's no longer that easy here.

The only home I could go back to is the room that I live alone in. The complaining sessions are short and only happens once a week (and that is only if both my parents and I are not occupied with events). Home cooked food involves frozen food from the freezer. 

No one told me it would be this hard. 

I think I should start blogging regularly.