It feels as if 'Week 2' was just last week. It isn't, however. Where did Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, ..., Week n go? Because now I'm back in Week 2. Week 2 of my second semester here in the University of Sheffield. 

My first semester was amazingly crazy. I praised this place so much but in the end, I realised how much I miss being back in Malaysia. Maybe I was so used to how easy my life was. I had my family around me. I had a home to go back to every time I got tired of studying. I had car rides to just complain about life to my parents. I had home cooked food to indulge in when I felt like it. I was surrounded by love and attention. I had GEL to ensure that I'm always productive. 

But it's no longer that easy here.

The only home I could go back to is the room that I live alone in. The complaining sessions are short and only happens once a week (and that is only if both my parents and I are not occupied with events). Home cooked food involves frozen food from the freezer. 

No one told me it would be this hard. 

I think I should start blogging regularly. 


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