Thursday, May 26, 2011

CANTIK KAN MY WALLPAPERS? LOL sumpah perasan gila nak mampus. Saya suka perasan, MAAF. But seriously, lawa kan? I made them myself like yeaaaahh. I mean they're not as nice as the ones from graphic designers and all cos I ain't creative. Iz juz dat, yu noe.

I've done my midterms which I am happy for but I haven't gotten my results which is... annoying. But imma have fun yano. Hav fun wiv muh laif, cuz yu noe, laif iz amaezin'. Teacher said I got 99 for Mod Maths but I haven't seen my paper so I can't say anything about that. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if suddenly ada correction and you know, you've told people that you got a 99. Something like that is in my mind.

Iunno why I'm not asleep yet. Esok kena pergi sekolah, bawa blazer. OH shit. belum pack baju. kay sumpah malas. Iman's coming over tomorrow. I miss her.

Saturday, May 21, 2011



I have Chem next week on Monday. When I say 'Chem' people think that I said 'Kem' because the pronunciation is basically the same. What should I say then? Chemist? Chemist are people who are in the Chemistry stream. Cos you know, Chemistry has its on stream that we can dip our feet in. Get it get it get it get it get it on.

I'm sleepy. I'm gonna make a ringtone from a BLOHCK B (korean tongue) . WANNA B. WANNA B. WE DO IT DO IT DO IT NOW. this is bbom bom bom.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


You wanna be gorgeous?

I'm so rajin these days. Rajin do shits like the picture above and the picture below (or on the next page)... basically the previous post.

I studied bio like gila. Made me hungry like gila. Kay bye. nak makan.

Saturday, May 14, 2011



FFFF. lama gila tak update. like gila lama. SEBAB EXAM KAY, SEBAB EXAM.

I hentam-ed my BM. I didn't even know was I was writing. I hentam-ed my english. I wanted to do better than Kak Aisyah but that didn't work out. I didn't have enough time to check anyway. I actually thought I did alright in maths but teacher kept saying that our class' maths were teruk. So yeah. Agama, I was glad that Syaza and Hana came over the day before cos me and Syaza studied like mad and yeah. Sejarah was... MEEEEHHHH.

Oh and there's this one guy, kan. He deleted me. And then he added me again. Well atleast I think he did cos I can't remember deleting him. Plus, I don't delete people. I'm not gonna approve until habis exam. Jual mahal.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011



This is Danya.
Long time ago, it has always been me, her, Morgan and Manisha.
I miss them. So bad.

Who's the prettiest?
Who's the cleverest?
Who's the cutest?
Who's the sportiest?
Everyone's about the same

Who's the prettiest?
Who's the cleverest?
Aisyah and Hakim
Who's the cutest?
Who's the sportiest?
Aisyah and Hakim

OMG. Sedih. Aku tak pandai dah. OTL



YC Yeechern' likes this. Life complete. The other day, someone tried to annoy me by staring and when I stared back I was saying how his eyes are small. He replied saying that he's korean. He said that he's a mix. That he's korean, american and chinese. Pfth. So today, I went up to him and said 'mata sepet' and so he replied by asking me back if my eyes are so big, asking if they are as big as golf balls. So yeah.

My freestyle for the pengawas picture was one hand up, shaping half of a heart, while farah hani's was shaping the other half with Mas in the middle. Awesome, no?
Me: You guys look the same
CW: We're asians, chinese, ofcourse look the same.
Me: LOL.
CW: But wait
Me: What?
CW: Who's more handsome?
Me: (points to HM)
CW: What?
HM: I'm more handsome
Me: CW, you're cute though
CW: You know cute means ugly but adorable?
Me: You're not ugly, you're cute.
CW: So, you wanna date me?
Me: No (shakes head)
CW: Why?
Me: Iunno. (walks away)