FFFF. lama gila tak update. like gila lama. SEBAB EXAM KAY, SEBAB EXAM.

I hentam-ed my BM. I didn't even know was I was writing. I hentam-ed my english. I wanted to do better than Kak Aisyah but that didn't work out. I didn't have enough time to check anyway. I actually thought I did alright in maths but teacher kept saying that our class' maths were teruk. So yeah. Agama, I was glad that Syaza and Hana came over the day before cos me and Syaza studied like mad and yeah. Sejarah was... MEEEEHHHH.

Oh and there's this one guy, kan. He deleted me. And then he added me again. Well atleast I think he did cos I can't remember deleting him. Plus, I don't delete people. I'm not gonna approve until habis exam. Jual mahal.


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