YC Yeechern' likes this. Life complete. The other day, someone tried to annoy me by staring and when I stared back I was saying how his eyes are small. He replied saying that he's korean. He said that he's a mix. That he's korean, american and chinese. Pfth. So today, I went up to him and said 'mata sepet' and so he replied by asking me back if my eyes are so big, asking if they are as big as golf balls. So yeah.

My freestyle for the pengawas picture was one hand up, shaping half of a heart, while farah hani's was shaping the other half with Mas in the middle. Awesome, no?
Me: You guys look the same
CW: We're asians, chinese, ofcourse look the same.
Me: LOL.
CW: But wait
Me: What?
CW: Who's more handsome?
Me: (points to HM)
CW: What?
HM: I'm more handsome
Me: CW, you're cute though
CW: You know cute means ugly but adorable?
Me: You're not ugly, you're cute.
CW: So, you wanna date me?
Me: No (shakes head)
CW: Why?
Me: Iunno. (walks away)


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