CANTIK KAN MY WALLPAPERS? LOL sumpah perasan gila nak mampus. Saya suka perasan, MAAF. But seriously, lawa kan? I made them myself like yeaaaahh. I mean they're not as nice as the ones from graphic designers and all cos I ain't creative. Iz juz dat, yu noe.

I've done my midterms which I am happy for but I haven't gotten my results which is... annoying. But imma have fun yano. Hav fun wiv muh laif, cuz yu noe, laif iz amaezin'. Teacher said I got 99 for Mod Maths but I haven't seen my paper so I can't say anything about that. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if suddenly ada correction and you know, you've told people that you got a 99. Something like that is in my mind.

Iunno why I'm not asleep yet. Esok kena pergi sekolah, bawa blazer. OH shit. belum pack baju. kay sumpah malas. Iman's coming over tomorrow. I miss her.


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