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Summer already?

I was having trouble trying to get onto EA so I thought it might be a bit more beneficial or productive for me to get onto this. IT IS NOW SUMMER! Can you believe it. It feels like it was just two weeks ago when I was wearing my jumper to work and now I need the fan on all the time and even that feels like it isn't enough. The seasons are changing and it definitely feels like time flew by just like that. It's either that or I'm having so much fun that I've lost track of time or I've been so busy. I'll be happy to settle with both. Workwise, I've been pretty occupied.  I sleep and dream about it.  I wake up and have to deal with it. I try to sleep and think about it.  But I enjoy it. I'm going through a steep learning curve again which is why this is happening but at the same time, because I like it, I do it willingly - which is always a good thing. What is even better is the fact that I have people guiding me. It feels a bit like back when I did SKY, I r