Have you ever disrespected a teacher that have taught you before? Have you ever chatted bad about a teacher that have taught you before? I have but I've reflected on myself and I've apologised. But never in my life have I ever said stuff like "Cikgu tu bodoh", "That teacher is dumb" or "The teacher's daft". But just recently, today actually, I heard a story from a friend of mine that a junior asked her "Macam mana kau boleh dengar dekat cikgu bodoh tu?" while an English teacher was telling her something. If this kid was good in English, I wouldn't mind but I can tell you that the kid probably couldn't even introduce her/himself in English without making a grammatical error. I don't want to see the kid succeed, I don't even think she/he can anyway. Not with an attitude like that. 

SPM starts in 17 days. 


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