Project week

This week was filled with head-cracking thoughts of how to complete my foundation project successfully, annoying people who kept on telling me how I wouldn't be a good wife, babysitting immature 18 year olds and tiring days. I thank God for giving me a dad who was willing to help me and my group mates from step 0 til the end, one who took a break from work to check on us and our project without asking for anything back (except for a 4 flat from me, I bet). 

We started the week with complications, unsolved problems, questions with no answers and ended it with a complete project, new skills, less money, confirmation about Zafran's gender and so many more. I found out how hard it is to read circuit diagrams, how soldering needs practice and how I don't think I'd be able to live with any other guy other than my dad and my brothers. It seems as if I have to start with the preparations of my wedding with engineering. 

Semester 2 is coming up prit soon and I'm not looking forward to it. 


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