Failed effort

Waking up early is a pain in the back side so there goes one of my paths on becoming successful. But you know what they say, everyone has a different path. Just because one person can become successful by waking up early, it doesn't mean that by not doing so, you can't be successful. If only i thought of that from the start. Really, waking up early was easy during my holidays but that was only because I didn't stay up late at night to do my assignments. You can call me an owl, I wouldn't mind, they're cute anyway. But maybe I'd resume this challenge when I'm on a long holiday. Maybe.

Just recently, Nina picked me up from university and took me around for a drive. It was fun just because I haven't seen her for ages and it was nice to catch up with her. Though I didn't want the night to end, it did but a sleepover is a definite need right now. We were talking about 'friendzone and being friendzoned'. Summarising Nina's thoughts, she basically believes that the friendzone is typically for friends so if there are any hopes for it to go further, then the said person shouldn't have been a friend from the start. Saying that the intention from the start matters. 

For me to blog may seem weird because hey, I hardly post anything these days but I'm staying at the university for the weekend so I have plenty of time to waste. Not really. I'm only not home because assignments need to be done well before the deadline as I have so many GEL programmes lined up for me before my finals. Tough but if I manage my time right, insyaAllah I'd be able to get through this. 


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