Why Is It Getting Cold Again?

It's crazy how fast time flies sometimes... I've been back for a month and I'm all settled down getting back to the life that I'm used to. We've now passed the days where the temperature would drop below 0°C and instead I'm struggling to figure out whether it'd be too hot if I wore a jumper and a coat out. I've also stopped wearing my hoodie and have swapped my fluffy slippers to my bright yellow sandals. Soon, I'll be sitting on the balcony with a cup of coffee, tomato soup and a book that I've recently bought from the charity shop. I think that has illustrated enough how the season is changing, we're headed into spring and I haven't seen a single piece of snow... yet. I do need to plan a trip for the end of March so I could see snow, otherwise, it'd be another winter wasted. 

Right hold on, this has been in my drafts and we're now two weeks on. The temperature has dropped again to below 0°C and it snowed a bit earlier this week. And there we have it, guys - remember to not get ahead of yourself or in this case... the weather.

It was as if I've just written about Malaysia last week, and now, I'm doing a rundown of my very productive (even though I was unwell half the time) month. 

The weekend I arrived, I went out to London to meet up with Faten for food (a lot of food!) and to talk about life. Don't you just love it when you make new friends and you immediately feel comfortable enough to open up to them? What was only meant to be brunch turned to a whole day out! When evening came, we met up with Zariq (who's here to visit) and Yen to go around Canary Wharf for the winter lights exhibition. I have never seen Canary Wharf that packed... it was shocking. But I saw the lit up globe and all my friends and I was content. 

The week after, we went to our (my) now favourite cafe in Maidenhead - Stubbings Cafe before driving to Windsor to introduce Yen to it because she's lived in Maidenhead for a year now and hasn't been!!! In the second week of Feb, we celebrated Meriam's birthday with hotpot at ours. I baked cake for the first time in a long while and had to bin a whole batch of frosting. That same weekend, I did my normal Bourne End to Marlow walk and had mud-covered shoes by the time I got to Marlow. I felt a bit sad during my walk thinking how I could never get something similar in Malaysia.

The following week, I joined Meriam and Don to Cotswold where I was on leave but had a meeting to attend because I booked the day off the day before. Cotswold made me miss Sheffield and my uni days when we could take a bus out to the peak district on the weekends. Roaa and I went to see an opera that same evening and I enjoyed it for the experience despite having to read the subtitles the whole time. I'd like to see a show in English next. 

Munirah came over and I made nasi lemak (with sambal from the packet). It was sedap - not gonna lie for the sake of being humble. Although, I went through a breakdown that morning when I burnt the roast chicken. And to sell the idea of Maidenhead, we walked to the river after lunch. Although I haven't yet, I love how I can head into London and see Munirah whenever I want to. 

I am now itching to go to London but I can't justify a trip in because of the weather and because I don't have anything preplanned so I've been walking around Maidenhead and Windsor on the weekends. 

And to conclude, the first race of the season was last week. I can't wait to see Max win more races and where Aston Martin will end up in the constructors. 

I had written that while I was out at Bakedd this morning. I'm now home after spending some time reading at the library. Reading back this post, it's quite clear that my head isn't in the right space today (because it's all over the place!). I cried on the way back home and God bless Nadhirah for picking up the phone because I think I'm a bit too tired of myself today. 


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