Thank you and sorry

You know you've started taking things for granted when you stop saying thank you and sorry. 

From Tumblr

Most of the time, when we're used to someone being there and doing things for us we automatically will stop saying please, thanking them and apologizing if we've done something wrong. We expect them to know that we're thankful and that we're sorry and sometimes we don't even care because we think that it's their responsibility. 

However, what we can't see is that one day, those people might not be there anymore and when the time comes, we'll regret because we know that we've taken them for granted. Saying thank you makes people feel better and every time we say thank you, we'll be reminded by the fact that we can thank them now but one day, they won't be there for us to say thank you to. 

And it's the same when it comes to Allah. Allah has allowed us to do so many things but yet, we fail to say thank you every single time. We don't say Alhamdulillah, we don't sujud syukur and that's because we've taken Allah for granted. We keep forgetting that one day, Allah might not even let us breathe and at that moment, we won't even be able to say thank you for everything Allah has done to us. 

And sometimes, when we do something wrong, we don't even apologise to Allah. We might have slipped and left our prayers or didn't cover ourselves up properly and taking Allah for granted, we don't apologise. No taubats, no nothing. We keep saying "I can do that later" but what we don't realise is that we're taking that 'later' for granted. As if there will be a 'later'.

Therefore, what I'm saying is thank Allah more, thank your parents more, thank your siblings more, thank me more, thank your friends more and thank the people around you more. And if you did something wrong or if you tripped someone over, say sorry. Your saliva won't dry up.


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