JPJ Test

I'll pick you up with this song on.

If you dream of becoming a driver, your first step would be getting a driver's license. So to turn my lifelong dream into a reality, that is what I did. Passed my computer test with one wrong and went through hours of driving lessons which made my legs ache. QTI went well too. 

On the day of my JPJ test, of course I was nervous, who wouldn't be ey? Talked to Azurah and Affandy (is that how you spell his name?) to calm it down. But it was no use since my in-circuit car was crap. Had to start the engine multiple times because it kept going off. Before the hill, after the hill, getting out of the parking space, from the parking space to the 3 point turn and from the 3 point turn back to the hill. Thank Allah for not making it go off while I was doing the 3 point turn. 

All the teachers were there and they gave me the moral support I needed. On the hill, I stared at the JPJ to see if my tyres were in the yellow box and he gave me a nudge, I didn't even need to check but I still did. At the parking place, I didn't know if I was close enough to the side but then the teacher that came to my car to take the paper that needed to be signed said "Dah, undur masuk parking.". Harmony has such supportive teachers.

During my road test, the car was well nice that I was happy. JPJ guy nagged a bit but he was nice too. I think I should've failed or something. At one point on the road, I didn't change to the 3rd gear and looked down to my gear box, when I looked back up I nearly crossed the line but I didn't. JPJ guy then nagged a bit "Kenapa memandu tengok depan, belakang, kiri, kanan? Tengok depan." The only thing I replied with was sorry and continued. On our way back, I forgot to release my hand brake after I stopped at the traffic light and so the JPJ guy did it for me. For that came another sorry and a thank you. 

Overall, I passed and that's what matters. Thanks to the JPJ guy and to the Harmony teachers. Now, all you need to do is get me a car and money for fuel then I can drive you around. 


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