The trip (1)

Recently, ages ago actually, my soul, my heart, my spirit and myself travelled somewhere far. To a holy place where my Aqidah and my Iman became stronger. A place where my stressful, busy and complicated life was forgotten and came to a pause. For two weeks, not even one thought about my actual life passed through my mind except when asking for forgiveness, asking for my du'a to be granted and asking for myself to become a better Muslim from Allah.

MashaAllah, I cannot deny how beautiful Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi is. That was where we started off our trip. Our Mutawwif, Ustaz Meor lead us and showed us around Madinah and Makkah. He indeed did a very great job as he never once forgotten to give us a Tazkirah whether it's in the bus or at the hotel's restaurant and let's not forget... even early in the morning. So in Madinah, we basically just went to Al-Masjib Al-Nabawi every time we had to pray. Even though it was filled with people from different countries, cultures and branches of Islam, everyone still prayed together, under the same roof, following the same Imam and that is just something so magnificent and wonderful. There were nights, or should I say mornings that we didn't get any sleep but I could tell you that it was all worth it because it all paid off once I got the tingles when I stepped into Ar-Rawdah. It's not a feeling that I can explain since it probably came from within me but it was special. (The first trip to Ar-Rawdah was lead by a former malay student of one of the universities there)

In Madinah, we visited a few mosques, the ones with a history behind it and we even visited some of the historical sites like Mount Uhud. It was honestly very hot there and vaseline was my friend but most of the time, the weather was last in my thoughts. Looking at those sites made me reflect on myself. What our Prophet, his companions and the muslims went through at that time was way more challenging that what I'm going through now. Now, it'd be a lie if I say that all we did in Madinah was pray and read the Quran. We did some shopping too. We got some jubahs and some sejadahs and let me tell you something, they are incredibly cheap.

Typed in July 2012


Maisarah Mohd said…
i still remembered our mutawwif did sing the Ya Rasulullah song by Raihan, it really touch us all on the way balik to Mekah.

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