Long Weekend 02

It was another busy weekend - I didn't have time/energy to write a post last week! I had half expected it to be a recovery weekend because I felt like I haven't been able to have a breather since Eid but it didn't go that way. On Friday, Auntie A came back from Switzerland and had dropped by my place to get her luggage. An Auntie who lives in Maidenhead picked her up and they dropped by mine for a bit. They invited me to a potluck picnic on Sunday that another Malaysian was organising.

I wasn't feeling well on Saturday but pushed through anyway. I went out to the shops to get ingredients and spent the rest of the day preparing for Sunday. It was good that I was able to get myself busy! Sunday was the best. I initially intended to help Auntie M out with preparing but I got ready too late. Uncle picked me up from my flat, we went to their house and bungkus some nasi lemak. There was a lot of food and I'd like to believe that I tasted every single one of them because I left feeling full. 

I met someone my age and she was the kindest person ever? Honestly, I get really surprised by how kind people are! She's in Thailand and Malaysia the next few weeks but I'll look to see if she wants to hang out!  I feel like, Faten, her and I could really get along. We then headed back to Auntie M's how to wait for Auntie S's daughter. She's also super sweet. 

Following another bungkus of nasi lemak, I rushed home because I invited the Maidenhead Gang over for G's initiation into the group (but really it was for Eid). I made soto soup and it was so easy... I had the packet. We had soto - I enjoyed it and watched the race. When everyone left, Yen and I continued talking about life... 

Monday came and it was a bank holiday - I went to see the Chairman of TH because he had a talk on his train journey. I really felt I needed that. It made me realised that there are a lot of things in life that happens just because it was meant for you. So I think my new life quote shall be "Let go and let God." Also, a lot of people have been telling me lately that I'm still young...


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