Eid is what Eid is

I had spoilt myself last year by going back to Malaysia for Eid. Then came this year, I had somewhat of a reality check... the reality of living abroad. I was hoping that Eid would've fallen on Saturday so that I could spend the day out in London. But it didn't. It fell on Friday which meant it was a working day. 

As Eid starts getting closer to Christmas, it's difficult to justify going to Malaysia for both holidays. Naturally, there are more public holidays during Christmas than Eid hence it'll be awhile until I get to celebrate Eid in Malaysia.

That said, I think I made the best out of Eid as I could. I had invited friends over for an 'open house' on Sunday which I prepped for well ahead. I spent the whole weekend earlier making tofu bergedil and frying things that required frying such as tofu. Throughout the week coming to Eid, I was prepping every afternoon and by the time it was Sunday, all I had to do was make lodeh. 

I spent Saturday in London at Abang Lan and Kak Ida's where I had my first raya meal of the year. With my baju kurung on, I went to China Town for soy sauce and then later, Paddington Waterside for cinnamon buns. Coming back home, I continued with the remaining bits left for the open house. To be honest right, I did feel like I was prepping food the whole week but it was mainly because there's only one of me. On Sunday, I felt quite pleased that I'm rajin - I did not want to get up that morning but I pushed through.

Pushing through was the best thing I did because I really enjoyed having my friends over. We ate, watched videos of when we were kids, played pictionary, charades, spyfall and ate some more. After everyone left, it went back to just me and Yen in the living room... talking about life. 

Monday came and I was in London for a site visit which then lead to lunch with Munirah. It made me extremely thankful that there's someone who's from home that I can now text and ajak lepak.


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