SKY 2017 I

That's everyone pointing at the 'SKY', by the way. 
I won't lie, I regret not blogging about SKY continuously whilst my team and I were working on it. It makes reflecting on myself and my team harder as there's nothing that I can look back to. 

When I took up SKY, I told Syafiq all this BS on how I'm going to do this and that, not even convinced that I was going to actually do it. But I worked on it nonetheless. The first thing I did was I recruited the foundation of my team. People I knew who wanted to work with SKY. At this part, I asked around who wanted to be part of it. 

It was difficult finding people. I dismissed the ones who said they wanted to think about it. I dismissed the ones who were deciding between two flagship events. I dismissed the ones who I thought I couldn't get along with. I dismissed the ones who wanted more than what they were offered. Don't get me wrong, I didn't do it because I wanted to. I did it because I had to. It may not be the right way, but I was, back then, weak as a person and I needed people who believed in me and my visions. I needed people who would make mistakes with me but still stick by my side. I needed people who would help me decide and support my decisions. I needed people who are patient enough to get back on track with me when we get lost. I'll be honest, we had our disagreements but throughout SKY, these people did exactly just that.

When we started our SKY 2017 proposal, we went through so many difficulties. From losing our vision, to not understanding what was the point of SKY. SKY is currently a baby compared to SMSA's other flagship events. It may seem easy because we can basically take it into any direction we'd like to but at the same time, it was difficult because we had to dig in to the objectives of why SKY was initiated and make sure that we followed it. 

This stage was one of the most difficult parts of SKY and it went on for ages! We changed so many things. We had to take a step back and look at it from a different perspective so many times. I was frustrated. We talked to people, we discussed, we decided, we then took a step back and realised that it wasn't it. So many times. The proposal was changed up until the last month before the event date.  

But did anyone from my executive team run off? Nope. They all stayed. 


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