I miss everyone. I miss my sisters. I miss my homies. I miss my mates.

So today, my cousins came.
Papa: Tak boleh tunggu kita orang ajak ke?
Not in a rude way. It's cos we do this buka puasa thing for the everyone from my mum's side of the family and pak ngah from my dad's side of the family (cos everyone else is in Johor except for pan ngah) every year.
But yeah, they came. At 2 somin? we went to Tesco to get stuff. I bought a BB Cream, gonna try it out tomorrow. But even if it works. If I go to hong kong, which I hope i will, I'll buy Dr Jart's.
So anyway.. on the way home, Iman called me while i was sleeping. So I obviously had to answer. :P and I did.
Then I arrived home and it was raining. I wanted to play in the rain but I had no friends. After a few, I went to buy food. So I did. Came back home and helped me mum up in the kitchen.

My aunts, uncles and cousins came. (2 families) Kak Iqa helped out so I didn't have to do that much. Tee Hee. Then we broke our fast. Well, I didn't. But you know. So when I was eating, my cousins bothered me. As always.
"Diet eh?"
"Makan lah lagi, jangan nak diet sangat"
"Makan sikit, badan besar"
Yano, those stuff. The thing is tho, it's always me that gets insulted. I mean, they never insult Kak Aisyah or Hakim. They're actually so nice to them. But all they do when they see me is insult me. Which isn't fair. But in the end, they're my cousins and they're the only reason why I'll be going to Kuala Selangor for this year's raya. Eh lol. Not really, I'm actually going for my mum. Cos she needs to see her cousins.

So anyway, everyone then went to take their wudhu. Unfortunately, they had to come to my room to take their wudhu. They could use Hakim's door but noooo, they had to go through mine. Then they couldn't switch on the light and they marahed me. Well not really marah but you kno. then they actually went into my room and they checked my room out. Mwohya. -.-' Nasib baik I cleaned up.

I went to mandikan Muaz then everyone went home. So everyone walked towards the car except one of my cousin cos he wanted to tell me not to diet during Ramadhan. -.-' I cleaned up and here i am now. About to sleep. Muaz demam. boo hoo.


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