Single eye lid?

I'm half 'Korean' (if you ignore my skin colour) and half Malay right now. Hair has been cut and now I have a fringe. An uneven one at that and no, I did not cut it myself. I think my hairdresser can only 'layer' people's hair and not... you know.

An unfortunately, I have a single eye lid on my left eye and a double eyelid on my right eye. Covering the right side of my face, I'd look like a total tanned korean... not really HAHA. Went to the doctors and it was...
Doctor: Kenapa?
Me: My mata
Doctor: Bengkak?
Me: Kot
Doctor: Sakit tak?
Me: Sakit
Doctor: *writes me a prescription*
Me: Dah ke?
Doctor: *nods*
Me: Thank you *leaves the room*
I don't know how many grams I lost but I am now starting to control my food intake again after totally ignoring it for half a year. It's tough to be honest. Wanting to eat more but you know that you can't. Being hungry at night but couldn't go downstairs for some maggi and cheese. Drinking water when the tummy's grumbling. Hard but if I can stand it before, I can do it now. Wishes needed from my imaginary readers. <3


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