You're a smiling machine. You're a shoe. You're a recorder. You're a photocopy machine. You're a double sided tape. You're a diary. You're a radio. You're an insult generator. You're an open book. You're a punch bag. You're a boxer. You're a pendrive. You're a ...
That's what my classmates are. You figure who you are, you figure what I mean. I don't dislike them or anything but that's what I see them as. No, I'm not that great to be judging people. Boo me.

I like AJ's voice. I'm glad that he joined U-KISS. Him and Eli, when they rap together, it's so good. Have you seen him rapping? OH and btw, I don't rap, I don't even like rapping, I just like listening to raps. So you (points), straighten it out.

HAI friend, I used to like you. Then I hated you. And now, I wish you would just move school because telling you to go die is just too harsh. But once you do, I'm gonna miss you but that'll only be for 1 week or something. We went through a lot, me more than you. You're a male bitch. I hope you understand.


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