The moment when no one's on your side and you start crying. The moment when no one would cover your wrongs just to protect you and you start crying. The moment when everyone disses you and there's nobody there standing up for and you start crying. The moment when everyone wish that you would die, there's nobody there saying that they want you to stay alive and you start crying. The moment when you wish you could say sorry but there's no use and you start crying. That is the worst moment in everyone's life. But then there will always be that one person that stands by the side and doesn't do anything and at times like this, you just wish that they would speak up and stick up for you. But they won't, ever. I just went through it, a second ago and I started crying.

I miss Nina, I miss Munirah, I miss Nurul, I miss Iman, I miss Farhana, I miss Hana, I miss Ana, I miss Kak Atin.

No one's ever there for me anymore. I mean, in school, I have no one at all to talk to. Sure, there's Hana and Ana. But honestly, I hardly see them. Why am I even typing this out here?

I learnt something new today, when you admit that you did something wrong, there will always be someone that will be by your side. Thank you.

Pergi sekolah esok mata bengkak. My alasan would be that I didn't have enough sleep. K bye.


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