I don't know which is sadder. The fact that people don't listen to me or the fact that people don't appreciate what I do.

This year, I'm going to be selfish, I'm not gonna spend money or time on any of you.
This year, I'm gonna get everything I've started, done.

I feel like saying, ''one person's not joining, lets not do this." But then, I'm like, I have to finish everything or anything that I've started. But then I also told myself that I'm not going to spend money or time on any of you but I'm using my precious time to do all these stuff. They thing that being in front of the camera is the hardest thing to do. Do you guys know what I have to do?

Thank God that Syaza's coming tomorrow to teman me. ^^ I miss having friends over for a long time. Hana and Q usually stay for like 1 hour, the time between school and koko. So yeah. Iman's coming back home but I wouldn't get to see her. T.T I miss Iman, Susu and Ana. I miss hanging out with them. :'(

I'm hungry. LOL. I'm sleepy. LOL. I got told off before cos I'm always late. But then when I'm early, I always go out of the house at the same time I would go out of the house when I late. I can't see any relevant argument. Or that may just be me. I mean, I get ready at 7 o'clock, I'll go out at 7 o'clock. I get ready at 6.45, I'll still go out at 7. So it's basically the same. I mean I'm not dissing anyone. Well I probably am because I'm not a lazy malaysian. Cos I don't like the labels you'll get of being a Malaysian. I'm a warganegara tho. lol.


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