Ai misz dis fagh andd 'er sistuh.

I'm bored. Blogging in school. Life is boring. I'm using my mum's iPad waiting for my turn. Their speeches are too long. Derek went home to get his iPad but then when he got back, there's no seat for him... Which is funny. Not really. I feel sorry for him. I'm tired lol. Cos I am like typing with one hand. Iza's next to me covering her camera cos we're not allowed bringing cameras. And on the other side of me is Sheridah. She's half listening, half studying. I respect her.

Afiq came with his MTD uniform which looks cool. Farhana's not here yet. Iman balik today but then I wouldn't be able to meet her. I miss my last year's BM teacher. Iunno why. How can people talk so much. The tetamu terhormats still hasn't finished talking. I'm tired of listening. Yxy's sleeping. Lol. Oh oh! They're going out now. Wowowowow. I better stop. But then my turn lama lagi. Boo hoo.

My tummy hurts. I think I'm crapping right now. Tee hee. I'm going. Annyeong.


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