Saya ngantuk. Every day I SLEEP SLEEP, every night I SLEEP SLEEP. Hehe. Banyak homework. 1 whole karangan for BM and 5 different essays for English. Every weekend filled with something. School every day.

Today, I got told off by the Ketua Pengawas. :D Somebody told on me. Have a nice life. I was always nice to you and that's because I felt sorry for you. I won't anymore... what a dog.

... Hung out with the juniors during panorama. Joe, A and Bieber. HAHAHAHA. Kay maaf. Their nicknames are too cute, especially Bieber's. They took my ipod out without telling me. T.T And then Bieber was like ''Tell your dad to buy more lens so we can use it.'' Bieber has talent. Joe and A are still learning but I think they're better than me. T.T


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