Looking back at what you guys just did, I feel like laughing. I did the same thing to somebody else 2 years back. Sorry but I don't get jealous of people that have things that I don't want. You guys failed. Think about it and feel embarrassed, think about it and feel ashamed, I'll just sit here and watch. I'm not mad or anything but it's kind of annoying that you guys actually would think that I would be bothered.

And you! You piss me off. So bad. Don't take my peepz man, it ain't cool. I mean, you came, dropping by and you steal the spotlight. I'll be honest, I never had the 'spotlight' on me but people appreciated me and all but since you came, everything got all messed up. They're suppose to talk to me, not you. You're an unthankful something aswell. A pain in my ass. You want somin, you get it, then you ignore it. It's called jual mahal. I'm gonna laugh at you when you lose that something. It's gonna bite you in the butt. BTW, stop trying to replace my friend. Stop acting like a bitch. Stop being cheap. Stop being annoying. Stop being rude.
What am I even saying? Mianhe. Chongmal mianhe, I didn't mean to rant like this, it just came out. Btw, I don't think you read my blog but if you do, go back to where you were from, unthankful person.

I'm currently blogging in the car, at a rest stop and on mum's iPad. Honestly, it's so annoying. I'm not used to the keyboard, I have to type in the html section, the car is vibrating and the radio is so annoying but I don't feel like unfastening mynseatbelt just to turn the volume down.


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