I miss Autumn and Winter, when we had to wear coats. I miss Spring, when we only wore our jumper. I miss Summer, when we would go to the beach even though the wind will hurt our skin and the warmth is dry.

I don't like you. It's kind of obvious that I don't but you're too... something to realise. When are you going to start realising? I'm getting tired of your act. Quit it. Go back to where you came from. Are you going to leave? I'll feel sorry for your friend if you leave but then I'll be glad. No one else to be bothered by. I think I feel threatened by you. You have disturbed my life enough. You can leave now.

''This year, I wanna be a bit snobbish to people and when they're going to confront me, I'm gonna be all nice so they couldn't say anything.''

That was what I said I was gonna do. I don't think it's working out. Boo me. Boo you. I got 34 for lisan. I'm nodding my head like yeah. But it's not 'sangat baik', it's just 'baik'. But it's aite... I mean for me. Heh. Heh. Heh.


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