I get emotionally tired easily recently. Well, since yesterday. And people kept thinking that it's because I'm angry at them. I'm not angry at them. I just get so tired and then I won't have any energy to do anything. I'm not on my period if any of you are wondering. I think I miss my friends. T.T Someone's coming back this weekend. I wanna see her. Dumdidum. Imma go to her house. Or not. o0.

Mid year's exams are coming. I'm so scared but I don't feel like studying, at all. Siapa mahu pergi perpustakaan negeri dengan saya?

Saya rindu dua tahun lepas. Saya rindu kawan saya. Saya rindu classmates saya. Saya rindu cikgu saya. Saya rindu saya.


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