Ljubljana Day 1 & 2


Got to Luton a night ahead, the train ticket from Sheffield was around £12.
Flew on WizzAir, tickets were £45+ booked a month ahead (WizzAir isn't as bad as it seems).
Transfer from the Airport to the city was €9 on a shuttle that you can catch just as you exit the arrival hall.

Currently staying at DIC for €18 per night.
Link: http://hosteldic.com/SL/

Halal food:
There's one or two around the city.
Around 15 minutes walk from the hostel

Day 1

I headed to Luton Airport at 8pm, arrived around 11pm. Went into Luton and searched for a place to sit but there weren't any so I sat on the floor by the wall. I wanted to go through security but I had to get my visa checked so I had to stay out until the counter opened. Around 3, I was already lined up to get my visa checked and straight headed through security.  Went to the prayer room which was really nice, bigger than Stansted's and very comfy. Waited a while and boarded my plane.

I was on WizzAir and with WizzAir, if you booked priority, you're allowed bringing an extra bag so that's what I did. Felt pretty cool in the priority line but really, the only thing I got from that was get to go in the plane first. WizzAir was well more comfortable than the other budget flights that I've been on so I honestly don't get what everyone have been complaining about on the net. Honestly though, I've never been on Easyjet so we'll see how it goes because my return trip is on that. The landing of the aircraft was of Malindo standard - rough but I didn't die so it was overall a good flight though we were in the clouds for some time and I am scared of air pockets.

Arriving in Ljubljana, the first thing that came through my mind was how pretty the airport was! It wasn't grand or anything but it was a really nice airport. Got on the shuttle for €9 and headed to the hostel which was pretty far from the airport. I checked myself in and saw only 2 made beds out of 3 and was immediately excited because I only would have to deal with 1 roommate! I checked out the shared toilet and it was alright. Unpacked my all the things that I had in my mega small luggage bag and then went out to get myself shampoo. Pretty much most of the shops were closed since it was a Sunday so I was actually lucky to find one open about 800m away. I then went to sleep.

I woke up a bit later and got really bored so I went out since I heard people outside and hung around with them for a bit. My roommate, Cris, then came and so I came back into my room to just hang out with her. She's from Madrid and she's lovely! I went down to ask for an iron (which they don't have) and bumped into the people I hung out with earlier on. They asked me to join them watch football but I don't like football so I went back to my room to chill. A little bit later I went to see Naavya and we went out for iftar. Naavya apparently eats halal food because she grew up eating halal though she's an Indian since she lives in Qatar. The food we had wasn't too bad but I've had better. We went around Ljubljana and ended up in Cacao and had some amazing hot chocolate. I had one with vanilla ice cream in it, weird but surprisingly nice.

Day 2

I woke up a bit later than planned and took a shower in the shared bathroom. Shared as in shared with other people and also mixed gender (yo I was shocked as well). Went to the university with Cris and the bus was well packed. Registration, opening ceremony blablabla and then I went to get my free sim card. As I was done, the strap on my new fossil backpack that I've only started using yesterday snapped. So searching up for a fossil in Ljubljana, I headed to BTC City thinking that the actual store was there but there wasn't any. I ended up going to sportsdirect and just bought a new backpack.

Then I topped up my sim and had quite a tough time doing that because the guy didn't speak english but we managed. I immediately got my package or thought I did until the internet stopped working on me. So I basically wasted €12. I was honestly upset but it was an honest mistake because the text I got looked as if I have actually subscribed to the package... until I translated it that is. I went back to my room all tired and slept right until it was time for the International Cultural Evening. I went together with Cris but once we arrived, I went to hang out with the people from the UK. I felt really bad not bringing anything. I could've coordinated with them but they had a lot of stuff going on so I'm guessing it was alright.

They've all met yesterday I presume but they were so welcoming when I went to join them so I enjoyed that. They were also a very welcoming bunch so I reckon I'm going to have so much fun here. When it got a bit dark and I could eat, I went around nicking biscuits from here and there. I am very awkward around people but I was going around with Naomi, Zoe and Rosie and they included me in the conversations and I'm mega thankful for that.

I went to my first ever party. Naomi, Zoe, Rosie and I weren't really in the crowd and a lecturer approached us, checked our name tags out and was like "Ahhh. Brexit huh?" because we weren't in the crowd. It was actually pretty funny. We got quite bored awhile later so we headed back to town together with the other guys from the UK. Took the taxi and it was mega cheap! The taxi guy also gave us a discount which was really nice. Maybe it was because I talked to him and he was a muslim and it's the last day of Ramadhan and everything. We went to a bar and just chilled. I didn't get anything and no one questioned me which was so nice. I didn't have to explain anything and so no burden on me.

All in all, I met a bunch of cool people and I foresee a very fun 3 weeks ahead. We're planning a trip to Bled, just 9 of us instead of going with the tour and I'm honestly very excited for that.


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