Thursday, February 24, 2011



Kay, korang faham je lah. I don't know why I was typing in Malay. O_O Anyway, yesterday, my sister called me at 1, I think... crying. And then I started crying aswell cos I was scared? for her. Yeah, probably that. But my dad, mum, mak and brother are going to langkawi tomorrow night... They're leaving me behind in Wangsa Maju for the camp. I wanna go to Langkawi tho.

O0. Merengek je reti, I know. Went to McD before... it was aite. For Dayah's leaving party. It wasn't much of a party. The manager came and took our order. It was a pain in the butt hole but they didn't charge extra so yeah. Camwhored for like a few minutes.

So yeah. Life. I'm suppose to mandi now cos I'm still in my uniform. o0. Oh tadi makan McD rasa cam nak muntah. And I also skyped masa dekat McD. But it was draining my battery + McD was noisy. So yeah.

OH and I was stalking that cute chinese guy. ^^ I don't like him or anything, don't misunderstand, it's just that he's really cute. Oh and isn't it awkward when somebody thinks you like them when that thought has never even crossed your mind before? Well it is.

HOW COME 4ST2's chat post is offline. How come they didn't call me? tsk.

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