SKY 2016

"SKY mana?"

Spending a Sunday in the Information Commons is not what anyone would think I'd do. 

Before I even arrived in Sheffield, I knew that I wanted to be a part of an event committee. I ended up joining SKY under the Media unit. Initially, I felt very burdened by it because it was something I've never done before but now, I'm thankful that I was given the chance to get out of my comfort zone. However, honestly speaking, I wouldn't want to be under the Media unit anymore after this. It's not really because of what I had to go through for SKY but designing is hard!

I still remember the first SKY meeting that I went to. I was the first one to arrive and I was there, waiting for everyone whilst complaining on twitter on how it's just so typical. People then started coming and I got nervous. I didn't know anyone! I just felt awkward. But then we sat in our units and I was with Arif. I think everyone introduced themselves but knowing me, I had already forgotten half of their names by the time the meeting ended.

Within 5 months, we had only a few meetings and for every meeting, I felt myself being the first one to leave once it's done. I didn't enjoy it at first. I didn't have anyone that I was particularly close to, everyone knew each other and I didn't. I didn't feel myself opening up to anyone. I felt distant, I didn't feel what I would've felt if they were my GEL fam. But then I thought about how long it took for GEL to actually feel that way for me.

However, now that the main part of SKY is over, I've realised how the people who were once just my acquaintances are now my friends. It saddens me every time I think about how after this, I wouldn't be seeing all these people anymore (unless I bump into them) because there's no longer a reason to. Part of me wishes that SKY could be extended just so that I could hang out with them. And I should really thank everyone for being able to be patient with how blur I can get sometimes.

I'm glad that I picked SKY over the other two events. And now I hope that the SKY committee would join the SG committee next year.

I should now get back to my FEA assignment. 
Hidup Mech Eng.


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