Results + Winter Trip Video

A week and a half until my Spring break and I just uploaded my Winter trip video.
The video wasn't properly planned so it didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to.
To conclude, I'm not satisfied with it.

Being here taught me to be thankful. My results just came out and I knew that the Asma I once knew would have probably cried. She wouldn't have been satisfied with it. She would've complained to the whole world on how bad she did. She would whine and whine and go on and on about it. But I learnt to be thankful. It's either that or I learnt to lower down my expectations. I didn't do bad and I didn't do good but I have no regrets and I'm glad that I don't have to book a flight home for this Easter (so that I wouldn't have to go back during my summer break). As expected, I got the lowest for the paper that got me crying but it didn't turn out that bad. So I'm really thankful for that. I'm generally satisfied with my results just that I hope I could somehow increase my average in the future.

I personally know that my results would disappoint a few people and it has been confirmed that I have disappointed my crew because apparently they now think their "Ayam Tambatan" (heard it for the first time today) needs to be slaughtered. With how tough it is, I really couldn't promise that the future would be brighter in terms of my grades but I'll work hard up to the point that I won't have any regrets. A senior told me not to push myself too hard and I'm going to hold on to that because I'm not here to be upset with myself all the time, instead I'm here to learn.

I had a celebratory dinner in my room by myself of mi kari and I went snowboarding! Fell a lot of times, my bottom hurts and so does my knees but it was hella fun! Honestly can't wait for the next trip. However, the bridge model I made on Solidworks somehow vanished and I guess I just have to accept that and do another one again. Two assignments to submit next week and I'm not even a quarter way done with either of them. I foresee myself being stuck in the IC like the end of last semester. Just that I'm starting early this semester. May this bring improvements.


Anonymous said…
Somehow living here as oversea students, we may see quite an under expected performance as we used to do, however we also learn to slowly accept it and be grateful for whatever we achieved. I believe it's a level of maturity and with that, we can move forward with a clearer aim of how we want to improve ourselves.
All in all, congratulations! :D

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