The first lab of the semester.
My whole body is still aching from snowboarding.
And I can't figure out how to get Facebook to display a proper photo when sharing a link.

Despite the fact that I can't move any parts of my body without saying ouch, I had a really good day today! I woke up quite early but got up late, skipping my tutorial session in the morning but went for my lecture at noon and saw how only half of the whole cohort turned up. Had rice and curry for lunch which was good because I feel as if I haven't had anything proper lately. Did my model in the computer lab (which was pretty packed) but figured how to improve my design which was wonderful! Every cloud has a silver lining, my design vanished yesterday but I came up with something better today.

Also met my tutor today to discuss my results. He called us in one by one. Loving the system, honestly. I remember how our results were posted up on a noticeboard back in college and only the ones who didn't do well had to see someone. But here, you have your own tutor that would see you whether you've done good or bad. Plus, they won't show your results to anyone else so you wouldn't even get the chance to feel insecure about it. 

However, when I did go in for my personal session, I was told that I did well and there was nothing to discuss. I left heading to the EEE department to book a feedback session for my EEE218 module (tak puas hati dengan results ke apa idek). Apparently, they don't do official ones mainly because people usually wouldn't want to have a feedback on that certain module so I now would have to personally email my module leader to set up an appointment. 

Leaving the Mappin Building, I was greeted by two people who started preaching (claiming that I looked a bit lost - but don't I always). One of them asked how my day was and what made me feel thankful today. I gave it a thought and realised that I wouldn't be able to even feel thankful if I didn't wake up this morning. So that was my answer, waking up. After telling them that, I realised how my positivity level is at its peak today. I'm not sure whether it's because of my results or because I got to exercise yesterday but I honestly did feel as if my mood was a bit off (in a good way).

By the expressions on their faces, they seemed pretty shocked by my answer. They proceeded to talk about how they believe that God sent us a new prophet to guide us in the messed up world we're living in today and how they've prayed to God to ask Him whether it's true that there's a new prophet, claiming that they've received the answer from God. I was then asked if I had time to pray together with them to ask God and get an answer on that. I rejected the offer and then went off happily, still thinking about how optimistic I feel.  

I would love to feel how I've been feeling today, everyday. 
Everyone would be so happy!


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