And so... MPP. Okay. Tak perlu manifesto pun. Esok interview dengan Pengarah and HEP I think. I'm praying for the best. Before becoming MPP, Cikgu went around saying how we need to be like Farid. I think I picked the right person to be my role model. Claps for Asma.

And after the whole thing, I approached Hakimi and asked him if he has a group for the project/research or whatever we needed to do and he said that he did. And that's it... okay. I was all upset. And so I went to Amirul.

"Amirul, kamu ada group tak?""Weh, kitaorg dah ada group ke?""Dah en""Dah kot, kenapa?""Sebab cam, I tak ada group and nak cari the ones in Selangor kan..." "Ermm, group yang tu tak confirm lagi, nanti esok jumpa kat class tengok macam mana."


or nanti I'll have to beg people. 


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