And so today...

Amar, Zafran and Amir during discussion.
It was a typical day; with me waking up for sahur (popia that Hannah got me) and a bottle of water. I didn't have enough energy to finish off the water in my water bottle which got me hungry half way through the day. It wasn't an excuse for me to eat rice though, so I didn't. When Wani saw me in class, she told me that my mata was 'sembab', I am still not sure what it means but it has got something to do with my eyes and a panda. 

Had to pick a club for cocu and I registered myself in EMC (English Motivational something), I was the only one from SPC July... which was a bit sad. Tried to get my classmates to join but it didn't work. Oh well. Atleast FiST UK has a wakil as it's a badan college. I was sitting at my desk and then I heard the PRD teacher go "Tahun ni first time tak ada budak UK join PRD..." in a sad tone. Which made me sad aswell. Had to go to a kursus MPP and after that, I went back to my room and started getting all rajin... which was mad weird but I washed my clothes, read some physics, did my chemistry and I was just plainly amazed at myself. 

I as always, am the loner of the class during English but I wasn't alone today. This other guy was sitting by himself in front of me so Amirul was all "Asma, duduk lah sebelah dia." and I was like O_O and then the guy went "Come and sit here!" and I was like O_O but I went to sit there anyway. We then had to draw something and then explain the drawing to the other person and they had to draw our picture based on our description. I told the guy that I was crappy at drawing and he had to go around drawing some race car. -.-' People compared both of our cars... his was a race car and mine was a Beetle. Fair enough. I miss how back in school, we could chat and have fun during class and all but we couldn't do that during lectures so English is making it possible. 

After tarawih, just then actually, I went down to discuss with my group mates about the name of our project and for supper they HAD to serve Nasi Impit... and I was all staring at the food. Unfortunately, I was staring at Zafran's food.

"Zafran, tengok, kan aku dah cakap dia suka kau."
*starts laughing*
"Amar, tengok, dia suka Zaf, dia tengok je Zaf makan."
"Asma, malulah sikit. Esok turun subuh aku bagi ceramah kat kau, Zaf kau pun turun sekali."
"Macamlah kau turun Subuh" 
"Kau tak payah lah cakap."
"Aku ambil gambar kau lepastu post dekat Instagram."
"Esok aku akan turun untuk bagi ceramah"

The conversation went on like that... and all I could do was laugh because I was just plain speechless. Amar and Amir then left and it just got awkward but then they came back with a name for the project. And thus, we've got a name for our project!

And then I told Dzaf to call on Skype cos 3 of them were on my laptop and when they answered, they were mad shy at first but then they got all crazy. IDEK. I felt embarrassed for them. Luckily, it was just Dzaf... I couldn't even imagine how I'd feel if it was some other guy. 

And now I shall get on with my English homework... sleep sounds nicer though.  


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