Walking towards Dewan Badlishah (in KMKN), I was greeted with a stretched arm asking for a handshake. I was shocked and it just felt awkward but okay. Settled in and got Adani, Asmaq and Aida as my roommates. It has been 3 days and we basically go everywhere together. However, we'll soon be changing roommates and all because they want us to room with people from our own program. I am currently wondering why they didn't do that from the start. It's tough. Like, you've found your own mates and suddenly, you have to hang out with a group of different people. 

Was waiting for the worst for orientation (MSR) but, it's all laid back and chill. Bless the facis. Sunday was pretty much boring but then 'Faqil' was there and he was funny. No, he wasn't actually there but there's this one faci that reminded me too much of Faqil. We had time to go back to our dorm for every waktu solat and activities would usually start at 8.30am and end at 10.30pm. Sang the MARA song and the UniKL song... and still couldn't get the Petronas and UTP songs out of my head. 

Had an explorace yesterday and today. It was fun. Like yesterday, we had to sing Negaraku at the basketball court and as if that isn't enough, our face was drawn on. Today, we had to splash ourselves with water and I got flour all over myself thanks to my teammates. We had to play chinese whispers and I was the last one. They weren't able to deliver the message to me. Thus, they were given the chance to throw flour on me. Bet they had fun. Bet they weren't even sorry. That's what I said to make them feel guilty.

Also met my 'KMKN family' today. There are only 2 girls including me, engineering kan... what to do?  I honestly hope we'll get close and that we'd get to go to Genting Highlands or somewhere together. Do activities together, join them engineering projects together, study together and all. Life here would be fun that way, because everyone wants to feel as if they belong somewhere. I'm going to search for a club to join so I can get closer and chill with more people. And I'm thinking about running for the MPP.

It's already Ramadhan and we'll start fasting tomorrow. Have a meaningful Ramadhan, imaginary readers.


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