Dumdidum. My bracelets dah sampai. I'm like celebrating. Well not really. I have like 25 things to do on my to-do-list like what the. I'm getting tired of life. Seriously. Eh wait, I'm getting tired of myself. Yeah, so tired of myself.

Ramadhan is coming soon. I can't wait to be honest. I don't even like Eid... cos I have never had fun during Eid. Cos then memories on how I used to celebrate in Manchester comes rushing back. Cos Eid over there beats Eid in Malaysia except for the fact that we don't have our families (Mak, Mak Tok, Pak Tok, Pak Ngah, Busu and etc). England isn't even a muslim country and we had an Eid party in school. Jangan harap nak ada dekat Malaysia. Stuff like that.

Plus, my brother and my sister would only be home for a bit. My best friends would only be home for a while. I'll be some kind of loner but then I'll have my mum, my dad and Muaz. But nothing will ever be complete again.

And then there are fireworks. There's a strict law on fireworks in England and nearly everyone follows it. We were only allowed to put off garden fireworks but then you wouldn't see all these people with no hands on the newspaper.

People will read this post and tell the whole school that I don't like Malaysia. lololololo. Yu do dat.


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