That up there is Kim Kibum. I would marry him if he's a muslim and if he will stop wearing real thick make up. People tend to ignore his voice because of his dancing skills. Truth is, his voice is really nice.

So yesterday, I went to Kuala Selangor cos there was a kenduri and so... I brought all my homework with me. I did it from 12 til' 4 and I didn't have to help in the kitchen even once. That is what you call life. Lulz.
KI: Fuzah tengah buat apa tu?
Me: Sejarah
A: Sejjarrah
Me: -.-'
KI: Suka sejarah ke?
Me: Haha, tak. ni homework.
KI: Oh
A: An pun tak suka sejjarrah.
I thought I would for once meet my cousin(s) without them making fun of me cos he didn't talk me from when I came until KI asked me what I was doing. I thought wrong. But I've gone really quite now. I mean, when I balik kampung. Iunno why. Long time ago, I used to at least go around and mess about, I don't anymore. I think it's cos KAisyah and Hakim aren't around anymore.
Puasa tahun ni. T.T


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