Settling in

It has been about twenty four hours since I arrived in Sheffield and oh has it been a long day. I am currently fighting of the jet lag and the headache that's building up. The plane ride was smooth, no turbulence happened except for this one baby who kept on crying but who am I to judge. Arriving at Manchester airport, went through immigration smoothly but when I wanted to go through custom, for a scan I suppose, I got stuck in the cubicle and I had to get the woman to open it up for me (you're supposed to go through it smoothly). We were greeted by Kak Amira who brought us all the way to our house where we settled down and met the other Kakaks. They made us tom yam and that was lovely.

Going up to mine and Hannah's flat, we decided on playing rock paper scissors to see who'll get which room so we got into one and did just that. I got the room facing the back but that's alright. I now have a walk-in closet and a bigger room than the one I have at home which is amazing. I settled down a bit, kind of, with me going in and out of Hannah's room and once everything was done, I came back into mine and literally just collapsed on the bed.

Woke up kind of early in the morning but forced myself back to sleep just to get my body clock used to the time zone. Unpacked everything and I'm all done with my room just that I still need to get hangers for my closet and some other things. Kak Diyana (I think that's how you spell her name) brought us to the Octagon for our first talk and we got through the day by following our other course mates around for our registration. The British weather welcomed us well with it being not so cold earlier in the morning to it being freezing in the afternoon and lets not forget how it drizzled a second and didn't the next. Walked up to Goodwin without Hannah (YEAY?!) and talked to other people whilst walking up, bear in mind that she did the same so it wasn't me ditching her. But it is pretty saddening how everyone we met are in their first year.

We then went out to town with Kak Diyana and it was a mega far walk. Bought a whole load of things and ended up taking a taxi back home. Coming back home, I bought a top-up voucher for my phone just to realise that I lost my sim card together with my sim card slot. I found it amazing how I didn't really fuss over it like how I usually would. Is that me becoming mature?

People aren't replying my messages and now I hate being in a different time zone.


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