I was sitting and thinking on the sofa in Holberry (our 'other house') when I suddenly blurted out that I miss Malaysia. Everyone then questioned me on how I can only feel that now when they missed the country right when they arrived. Maybe I missed it ages ago but I didn't actually feel that I miss it because that seems to happen a lot to me. I don't understand how my feelings and emotions work to be honest. I might be upset, depressed or lonely but I really won't feel it until my body acts on it (like being ill).  It has, however, been a good week. Settling in was easy and I feel myself becoming less and less childish.

I met my tutor group and they were alright; my tutor is a lovely Italian lady! She was happy to be getting two girls as her tutee for the first time. Together, we made a marble run out of card and tape and the marble managed to complete its course which was brilliant! Immediately after, we went out to our university's merchandise shop to get our own uni hoody which is by the way mega comfy! I would like to get more but money's an issue right now. Not really, but I have yet to open up a bank account and the earliest I can do that is next Wednesday.

For the last couple of days, we've been hanging out at Holberry a lot. We have breakfast there and would stay until noon because they have a living room where all of us can show off how much of a social outcast we can be. But we did play basketball together yesterday morning and that was fun. It was chilly outside but refreshing nonetheless.

Today's plan is to go to a carboot sale at Mongomery Terrace Road for the useless things we feel like wasting our money on and after our other course mate arrives from Manchester, we'd be heading to Meadowhall for the things we couldn't find at the carboot sale. Pretty much living an alright life but I have friends who are already walking and hiking on hills and I would love to do that but couldn't just yet.

I've been skyping/facetiming people back at home a lot since Eid mainly because everyone is at home for the holidays. I even talked to my grandparents which was pretty cool! It seems as if every time my parents go to Muar, seeing my grandparents wouldn't be a problem. It was a booster but I'm pretty sure that it was also what made me miss Malaysia. But I honestly wouldn't like it any other way so Skype or Facetime me often.


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