counting days

Worked hard for two years so I could leave but now that the date is coming closer, the excitement of leaving is absent. Thinking about the people I'm leaving behind, the three years that people will spend without me, the childish and immature me that couldn't follow along, the events that I'll be missing out on and the memory of Asma that is embedded in peoples' minds.

Who will I be in three years? Will I still be close to my parents? Will I still be able to laugh along with my siblings? Will I still be able to meet my friends and not feel awkward? Will I still be as tight to my GEL family as I am now? Will I be able to come back home and feel as if it's home? Will I still recognise your face? Will I still remember your name? Will I still be the Asma that you once knew?

Who are you kidding, three years is a long time.


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