It's the 14th of September, five days to go and I believe that those five days will pass in a jiffy. My schedule from tomorrow up until Friday is pretty much packed with trying to get my departure settled and with meeting the people I need to meet before I leave. Will be settling the things I am planning on bringing and the documents I will need tomorrow. Then I will be carless for the rest of the week, which is alright since I need to pack my bags and clear my room up. Will reserve up my Friday morning to see my teachers from school and that is it, I shall leave with no regrets, hopefully. 

Went to Muar for the weekend to see my extended family before I leave and to have a kenduri. For the first time ever, I was involved in the preparation for a kenduri and oh was it fun. Non stop playful disses from my uncles and aunties about how bad I am at cooking and cousins annoying me to the fullest. But when else am I going to get to experience all of that after this. Hugged and kissed my grandparents for the first time with a reminder not to get married in the UK and to come back next year.  I've got to say, it seems as if I'm a bit stronger now, as tears welled up in my eyes, it was able to somehow go back in again. 


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