I miss my sister and my brother, like a tiny little bit. I haven't seen them since the last time they came back home. They're coming home next week. For a week. Kay nemind, I don't miss them nomore.

I like the pictures on this blog... cos of the border. It's so awkward. Using aku-kau instead of I-you. I went for a camping trip innit, met my former bestfriend, she uses aku-kau, I used to use aku-kau but then I got used to I-you. So yeah, it's weird. With the new kids pun sama. (NEW KIDS) lol. Maaf. It feels weird, that's it.

We locked Chan in that wardrobe? locker? What do you call it? Anyway, we locked Chan in there. It was funny. He looked worn out when he came out. We made a poem in BM. The whole class. It was hella funny.
Tiba-tiba, loceng berbunyi
Aku pun balik, BYE!
That was the last stanza. We should do more of them stuff.

I think I embarrassed myself today. Cos I said someone's name out loud (telling someone that he was there), he heard it and he looked. The only think I could do was smile and wave. So that's what I did. He waved back. I think I turned red.

Pengakap, belajar ikatan and kawad. I didn't cos I'm special like that yaawww. I couldn't stand those scouts who don't take stuff seriously. I mean, seriously, if you're a scout, you should act like one. And this one guy kept telling me that he doesn't want a patrol to be called a patrol but something else. Like excuse me, who the hell are you? Like seriously.

Imma finish off my buku log and get maju + jaya. I CANNOT WAIT. Banyak gila kerja kena buat. 0.o

Tengok gambar tahun lepas buat aku nak menangis, lagi-lagi kalau aku tengok gambar dari 5 tahun lepas. Kay rindu.


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