Tuesday, March 1, 2011



AQ muka yang paling bengong. Go figure. Oh and I dah cakap dah dia comel.

Hari ini, saya study. Cam bangga gila en. So after PE, teacher didn't come in so I decided to study. LOL KONONYA RAJIN. And so I went to the back of the class, I mean, no one was there at that time. And then people started coming in and poof, it was like a raid. Then people started talking but after a bit, they all got their books and started studying/reading. Thank God for that.

Then shits happened. And I went to Kopitiam Bangi with my dad, Hana and Q. We went home and ate ice cream with oreo, Me and Q had M&Ms with ours or was it Smarties? LOLZ. Then I had to go to school for koko. Had... Panorama. Lepak-ed with the juniors. If it's pengakap or panorama, in the end, mesti lepak dengan juniors. Kay, rasa lopek pula.

Oh tu je. Kay bye.

Derek sucks.

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