I kind of miss last year. This year is suppose to be MY YEAR. It ain't working out well for me. So it wouldn't be my year this year. My years are all in the past. It would be awesome if I could rewind time. I wanna go back to the place I was raised. But yeah.

I got number 5+ in class. Boo me. I shall go... to sleep. HAH. I don't know if I should go to ST1 or stay in ST2. I like the teachers in ST2 but then most of the ST3s are coming in. Which is so not awesome. I like it how it is right now. It doesn't feel complete but it's not crowded. I don't want anything to change.

Some people think that YXY is CHC. LAWL. Somebody in U-Kiss sounds like Nichkhun and Chansung.


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