Four friends made me feel so touched recently and I have no idea why I'm blogging about this but I just thought that I should.

Susu, she replies my text and whatsapp every single time I text her. She's always there even though physically she's not. It makes me happy. Because I can annoy someone every single day and she'd reply every time. And I complain about every single thing I'm pissed off at and she replies every single time. I mean, wouldn't you feel touched?

Qamaryna called me yesterday telling me that she's at the airport. She was going on holiday. And I felt so touched at that because she called me to tell me that. How many of you imaginary readers have left without telling me? Thanks. And I just felt so touched because she still remembers me when she's about to have fun. 행복해

Iman is always telling me to pray. Pray so that what I want will happen. She's always getting my hopes up when I'm all trying to get over J. Like, realistically, he's famous. And Iman's always saying how I should pray so that one day me and J would get together. Isn't that too much? She keeps telling me to believe in fate. I don't even know what to say to that. But the fact that she has faith makes me feel touched.

And then there's Diyana... or is it Diana. I can never get her name right. And she gets mad because of that. But it's not my fault that everywhere I go it's all 'Dyana'. Iman told me that she met her before. And Iman said that Diyana talked about me. (I just whacked a mosquito on my eye) Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.


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