1000 and under

Taken from Daveywavey through Google

I honestly started taking this 'THE BIGGEST LOSER' contest seriously a week ago. I started my strict diet of eating only below 1000 calories per day 3 days ago. However, my no-rice diet started last week. It's really hard for me as I have so many people around me eating so many good stuff but I couldn't do that.

I cheated though, last week... I couldn't help it. I went to a wedding and they had nasi impit and I was like "HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO RESIST THAT?!" and so I succumbed. Nasi Impit + Sambal Kacang + Chicken + Keropok made my whole week. One of the days at kampung, I got Syahmi to suap me a spoon of fried rice and fireworks were coming out of me. I was that happy.

Anyway, to keep with my under 1000 calories diet, I eat wholegrain bread and the lauk cooked for lunch and dinner. And for breakfast, I eat something below 300 calories. Plain water became my best friend. On one of the days I ate cream puff without knowing that they have so many calories and ended up regretting for the rest of the day. It was just wholegrain bread for me that day.

I have now lost about 1.2 kg in those 3 days. Today is my cheat day though, I'm having rojak pasembur for lunch!!! That's like 800 calories. Hah.


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