11 years ago, I went to Manchester with a heavy heart of having to leave everything behind but now I'm back, 11 years later and I want to go back to Manchester. 6 years ago, I cried stepping out of KLIA because it was too bloody warm. And 6 years ago, I hated Malaysia and Malaysians so much. I hated everything. I hated coming back to Malaysia. I hated being in Malaysia. There was never a day where I was happy to be back in Malaysia... 6 years ago. 

In those 6 years, I got to know my home country and I grew to love it. Honestly, I'm embarrassed of being a Malaysian but I'm proud of Malaysia. Malaysians were what made me hate Malaysia 6 years ago until I realised that I was a Malaysian myself. And that was when I realised that just because you hate the people living in a certain country, it doesn't mean you have to hate the country. 

And until now, I still believe that Dato' Onn Jaafar didn't get enough credit for what he did for all of us Malaysians and I dislike historians and politicians for that. That was random. 


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