Stand Up Paddle Boarding

After years of wanting to do some water activities, we finally did it! The reason why it took so long was because the water is ALWAYS cold during term time and people are never in Sheffield during the summer. This year, however, everyone has to stay because of graduation and with the temperature hitting 27°C, there really isn't a better time.

We headed out not so early in the morning, got some Subway and headed on the X5 from Sheffield Interchange to Almond Tree Road. Felt like we were overcharged as we were given the South Yorkshire day ticket when a Sheffield day ticket would have sufficed after asking for a return. (Just checked and you can actually get there on a tram (to Halfway) too - which would then be obviously cheaper than getting the South Yorkshire day ticket). Shows that you shouldn't trust google maps that much. 

However, that aside, we then walked for half an hour and a bit from the bus station to get to Rother Valley Country Park. Arriving there, we found a big lake with a few people paddling away. We dropped by at the water activities office and was told that we wouldn't need to book for our stand up paddle boards so we decided to sit about for a bit after the long walk to get there.

After chilling out, we headed back to the office and was told that there weren't anymore paddle boards left and there won't be any for the next 2 hours! We placed our names down, then ate and played 99 and werewolves while waiting. Also prayed out in the open because it seemed like we wouldn't be done by the time Asar comes. 

It was two hours later and we got into the changing room to store our stuff in the lockers before heading out to start paddle boarding. Mainly decided to go paddle boarding because I've personally gone kayaking way too many times. Best decision of the day because with stand up paddle boarding, we got to stand up, sit down, lay down and even have paddle board wars (which we had a lot of). 

I initially had thought that it would be difficult to balance on the paddle board, but, it really wasn't. I felt like I wouldn't have fallen into the water at all if someone hadn't done some 'kamikaze' (that's what he calls it) on me. Kamikaze is when someone jumps onto someone else's paddle board, causing the board to become unbalanced and therefore - toppling it over. Throughout the one hour we spent paddle boarding, there were series of hijacking, ganging up on people to make them topple over, photography sessions, chasing people around, screaming and way too much laughing. 

It was definitely a great day out with my Sheffield family and I'm sure I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if I had gone with other people. Days like today will make me miss them once we've all gone our separate ways. The group was nearly complete and I just had so much fun. Makes me wish that today can happen everyday so I could just get tired of everybody and never want to see them again. 


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