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UTP's Educamp post

Since I got through UTP's educamp, got into UTP, now out of UTP and bored, I'd like to tell you how the interviewer made me feel while I was getting interviewed.

I got to the interview room, all nervous mind you. Not forgetting my manners, I knocked on the door, went in and said Good Afternoon. The interviewer looked at me weirdly and said "Assalammualaikum." I was taken aback. Okay, my fault for not greeting him the way muslims greet each other but he could've replied my greeting before saying that. With an awkward laugh, I replied and sat down after I was told to. 

He asked me to introduce myself. Not writing a single thing on his paper while looking at me weirdly. And so I figured that he didn't want to know all that. So I started telling him how I was a prefect and etcetera. He then started writing stuff down. I was like "THANK GOD! I'm finally saying something right." He could've just asked me about my achievements though instead of having me blab and blab on why I want to be an Engineer. 

He asked me what course I picked and so I told him that I picked EE as my first choice and PE as second. However, I told him that if he could, note down that I want PE instead of EE. He then asked me why. 

I researched on PE and I found myself more interested in that than EE.
So you're saying that the more you research about something, the more you'll like it?
Exactly, that is only if I'm interested in it. And somehow, PE caught more of my interest than EE.
If you research about Mechy now, you'd probably like that better.
However, I have gone through all the courses and I can see that my interests lie in PE. I know that I'd be able to take on the course as the subjects are things that I would like to learn more about. I know that I'd enjoy learning it. I understand the work environment may be hard for females like me but I know that I would be able to stand it. 
How sure are you that you would not like another course later on after you research more?
As of now, I can see myself as a Petroleum Engineer in the future. 
Okay, lets stop arguing. Can you tell me more about your case study.

Can someone please tell me how that is arguing because I clearly was just trying to clear all his doubts about my choice. Or probably he used the wrong word by accident and I am being too sensitive getting butthurt by that.

As I was telling him about my case study he stopped me half way. I wasn't even done. But he probably had a time limit. All through the interview, he looked at me as if everything I said was wrong. I felt as if I was a criminal who is trying to prove that I'm not. 

The interviewer probably just wanted to test me or something. He was kerek though, no excuses for that. But going through all that, I still got in. The fact that I could still remember what happened proves that I was pretty affected by that interview.

That was my second interview after Taylor's. It was so different because the person I was interviewed by at Taylor's was one of the Heads, she looked at me as if everything I was saying was interesting and she asked me questions, wanting to know more about me. She ended the session with telling me how I did really well in the interview and she's looking forward to seeing me around Taylor's.  I got the scholarship too. 


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